Business Tips: Managing Reviews

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Reviews and Social

Consumers search for online reviews for reassurance and greater confidence in their buying decision, with 59% of consumers believing online reviews are just as trustworthy as their friends*.

Encouraging customer reviews can be a little daunting, especially with the prospect of attracting negative reviews. Whilst more consumers write positive reviews (49%) compared to negative (34%)^, if managed effectively, negative reviews can make a positive impact on your online reputation, and ultimately your sales.

Other factors that can make review management tricky include a large number of locations, the consistency and timing of the message, and a lack of education across the business.

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What is the solution?

Localised response

With the Connect review module activated you can get insights into individual location’s review statistics. These insights can be used to predict similar problems in other locations, giving you the tools to make data-related business engagement decisions.

Individual customer response:

With Connect you can respond directly to your customer reviews. This can often result in a reviewer editing or deleting their negative review on reflection of a positive solution or outcome.

Customer engagement from a business owner is considered a high-ranking factor, along with unique replies, responding quickly and regularly, and avoid replicating content.

Google tracks reviews as it does with any other content on the web and will notice abnormal patterns in behaviours such as receiving an influx of positive reviews that is outside of the norm for your business or those in your category.

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Brand Protection:

Proactively addressing reviews will give you more control of your brand’s reputation, such as removing harmful photos and clearing up any misconceptions about your establishment that are shared online.

What's next?

For our comprehensive guide to responding to reviews please visit our insights and how to guides.

Part 1 – Focuses on ensuring a marketing strategy unpins the review management process as well as top tips.

Part 2 – Focuses on a guide to responding to reviews with tips on how to frame a response for the best outcome

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*White Pages Internal Scan Data 2017 (n=14,537 businesses). Includes missing and incomplete data.

^ ReportLinker Insight: