Enterprise Challenges with local experience

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Online marketing needs to also be localised and specific to the customer at a local level. With nationally or internationally driven campaigns, it becomes increasingly difficult to resonate with local customers, and this may have a negative impact on sales.

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High opportunity cost from losing potential customers that search for local services and products due to:

  • Inconsistent data resulting in direct negative SEO impact on search engines
  • Inconsistent or missing branding > reduces trust in business
  • Irrelevant offers at individual locations
  • Social media content at individual locations doesn’t resonate with the local audience.

Presence Analysis - Details

By analysing a single location, we can see where there is missing and/or inconsistent information. With an optimised presence, the listing status is clearly defined.

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Unclaimed profiles

With unclaimed profiles, especially Google My Business (GMB), information can easily be edited by third parties (e.g. customers, prospects, staff, or competitors). This may have a negative impact on brand consistency and affect search engine ranking.

Data inconsistency

Data management processes cause data inconsistencies on and off page. This may impact consumer trust and sentiment at a local level.

Inconsistent data between website and off-page citations:

  • negatively impacts page ranking and citations
  • reduces consumers trust in data accuracy
    of the business
  • diminishes revenue of locations with poor
  • may result in an increase in customer
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Google ranking for local search

Consequently, your own locations rarely appear in the top results when searching for main keywords for a local single location.

Unanswered local reviews

If your business has unmanaged profiles with user-generated content including reviews, images and pictures, this may result in a damaged and inconsistent brand.

Not responding to customer reviews and feedback is a response in itself. It may give the impression that a business shows a lack of interest in customer feedback and customer experience.

Missing local content on Social Media

Local pages can be created on social media by customers or fans. If local pages are not actively managed the content can quickly become out of date, not relevant and missing localised posts.
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