Business Listings - the ins and outs

Part 3:
Citation Building – Tier 1 and legacy

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Your business information is distributed and updated across various platforms and directories over the internet often without prior knowledge or authorisation.

We have pulled together some additional insights to help you tackle common location and localised search issues to ensure your business is profiled accurately.

To be found online where your customers need you most is essential in converting those online experience in offline engagement.

Part 1: Directories and Digital Hygiene

Part 2: Google Profiles and unwanted 3rd party updates

Part 3: Citation Building – Tier 1 and legacy 

Part 4: Rogue social media profiles and those “fan sites”

Part 5: Making the most out of your business listings

White Pages Connect - Enterprise reporting for local level

The most common issues faced include:

Failure to rank in search

  • Missing Google profiles
  • Security with third party updates
  • No central source of truth
  • Missing tier 1 citations and directories
  • Legacy citation issues
  • Incomplete control of Facebook
  • Missing opening hours or different opening hours
  • Missing attributes / rich content

We will be tackling all these challenges and providing tips on how to fix across the series.

Missing tier 1 citations and directories

What does this mean?

If you are missing additional citations and directories from your link building SEO plan there is a chance that this will also extend to your locations.

A good percentage of your business locations may be missing from certain profiles especially needed for specific directories such as Facebook, Bing, Foursquare etc.

We have identified some of the top directories to be listed against for Australian businesses large and small. Check out our the publishing endpoint information.

Enterprise SaaS products for a local level
White Pages Connect - Ensuring your business is listed across all relevant platfroms.

Why is it a problem?

Having a location presence on primary or tier 1 directory is considered a fundamental factor in how well the location will perform as part of local search. If this is missing it may mean that your customers localised online experience of your business is below standard and also doesn’t align with the offline experience.

What is the solution?

Having a way to claim all primary locations across directories and manage multiple locations reduces the need for constant manual updates. Centralising this process will reduce further complications or issues down the track.

Legacy citations haven’t been updated

What does this mean?

If, in the past, citations have been created on some directories for some locations and the information has not been kept up-to-date, this data will contradict information on Google.

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Why is it a problem?

Although building citations can be done manually, not all directories are designed to accept information via manual submission.

Data submitted fail to “stick” or ends up corrupted when is accepted by the platform. Some distribution endpoints and directories do not allow a manual submission (the information contained may be inaccurate however there is no way to correct it).

Plus, when information isn’t changed and is constantly maintained via API, it can often be neglected, especially if the main focus is on just a Google My Business profile.

The results mean discrepancies in data and may negatively impact customers search experience especially when dealing with your brand.

What is the solution?

Whilst GMB works for one platform we have identified the importance of updating multiple platforms and online business listing locations across all your enterprise locations.

If you are one shop spot it’s not too difficult, just remember all the locations your business is listed and which ones have the correct information. We understand that as soon as you have multiple locations to manage it can escalate quickly. 

That’s where we come in. If you already know your location data isn’t up to scratch let us get you started on fixing it up and working out how we can best support you.

White Pages Connect - manage your reputation at a local level

Let us help you dish the dirt on your location data!

Contact us today to find out more and centralise your location business information