Business Listings - the ins and outs

Part 4:
Rogue social media profiles and those “fan sites”

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Your business information is distributed and updated across various platforms and directories over the internet often without prior knowledge or authorisation.

We have pulled together some additional insights to help you tackle common location and localised search issues to ensure your business is profiled accurately.

To be found online where your customers need you most is essential in converting those online experience in offline engagement.

Part 1: Directories and Digital Hygiene

Part 2: Google Profiles and unwanted 3rd party updates

Part 3: Citation Building – Tier 1 and legacy 

Part 4: Rogue social media profiles and those “fan sites”

Part 5: Making the most out of your business listings

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The most common issues faced include:

Failure to rank in search

  • Missing Google profiles
  • Security with third party updates
  • No central source of truth
  • Missing tier 1 citations and directories
  • Legacy citation issues
  • Incomplete control of Facebook
  • Missing opening hours or different opening hours
  • Missing attributes / rich content

We will be tackling all these challenges and providing tips on how to fix across the series.

Incomplete control of Facebook

What does this mean?

Do you have additional Facebook profiles or location pages that sit outside of Facebook’s Business Manager?

If you answered yes, this means other parties may be controlling a portion of your Facebook and brand presence.

How do these rogue profiles influence customer sentiment, brand recognition, brand control or even the tone of voice and the brand offering?

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Why is it a problem?

While profiles for individual locations may be created, they are often not connected to, or controlled by, the corporate entity, leaving room for inconsistencies and possibilities for negative brand association such as:

  • Negative reviews going unnoticed,
  • Questionable material being uploaded; competitors may be using the uncontrolled profile to feed incorrect information to consumers.

What is the solution?

Managing and ensuring total control of Facebook location profiles from a central source is important to ensure your control over brand and brand presence.

This may also mean that customer service teams won’t need separate logins to deal with negative reviews on multiple platforms.

By empowering teams to engage with and respond to feedback directly from one location will increase efficiencies for the team as a whole.

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