Business Listings - the ins and outs

Part 5:
Making the most out of your business listings

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Your business information is distributed and updated across various platforms and directories over the internet often without prior knowledge or authorisation.

We have pulled together some additional insights to help you tackle common location and localised search issues to ensure your business is profiled accurately.

To be found online where your customers need you most is essential in converting those online experience in offline engagement.

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Part 2: Google Profiles and unwanted 3rd party updates

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Part 5: Making the most out of your business listings

White Pages Connect - Enterprise reporting for local level

The most common issues faced include:

Failure to rank in search

  • Missing Google profiles
  • Security with third party updates
  • No central source of truth
  • Missing tier 1 citations and directories
  • Legacy citation issues
  • Incomplete control of Facebook
  • Missing opening hours or different opening hours
  • Missing attributes / rich content

We will be tackling all these challenges and providing tips on how to fix across the series.

No central source of truth

What does this mean?

If you have multiple business locations and multiple listings across many different platforms how are you managing the content to ensure consistency?

Search engines operate by cross-referencing content to manage validity, consistency and accuracy across many different data points (listings, social media, data aggregators, navigation systems, and maps) if you have conflicting information it may impact the probability of SERPs.

Being able to identify conflicting versions of your location information on different directories is a big job and to be done at scales requires either lots of staff or a tool that scans and scrapes the web for your information.

Enterprise SaaS products for a local level
White Pages Connect - Securing your business data

Why is it a problem?

Even if a brand maintains their GMB locations actively if the data powering the profiles is different from the data source (e.g store locator or other directories), the information will start to drift and contradict itself.

All brands need a central source of truth for their location data, whether it’s a Google Sheet, an Excel document, or Connect.

What is the solution?

White Pages Connect scans specific channels and identifies conflicting sources and content related to your business. Once these are identified we will update or remove duplicate locations to ensure consistency in content.

Once locations are uploaded to the platform, they’re automatically shared and locked-in to all the important directories and sources. This establishes your platform as a flawless central source of truth, allowing you to take control of the data.

For more information on the full list of publishing endpoints click here.

White Pages Connect - manage your reputation at a local level
White Pages Connect - Ensuring your business information is accurate across all platforms

Opening hours not available

What does this mean?

Several locations may be missing opening hours on influential directories

Why is it a problem?

This has an enormous impact on both branded and unbranded searches, as Google can never identify when your location is relevant to a user’s search, and the user needs to take additional steps to source the information they require. It’s far more likely that a customer will simply proceed with the next available competitor, who does have their opening hours listed.

What is the solution?

Being able to update all business information at scale and in near-real-time is the ideal. By managing and adding opening hours in the platform for a single location ensures that every directory will get the update results in consistency across all sources.

Opening hours may be different

What does this mean?

Locations with this problem have contradictory opening hours across different online publishers.

Why is it a problem?

If a potential customer is exposed to your business online and the listing shows your location is closed, they may visit a competitor. Alternatively, a customer sees incorrect opening hours and visits your closed location. A poor customer experience may lead to a negative review and the loss of that customer; events that could have been easily avoided. This may be due to legacy citations, a lack of a central source of truth, or a complete lack of awareness of local profiles.

What is the solution?

Opening hours are one of the most mistake-prone data points in the local search environment. Connect ensures the data it has is reflected across all directories. In addition, the platform features special opening hours that trigger automatically and revert as appropriate (i.e. for holiday hours or seasonal changes).

White Pages Connect - Enterprise SaaS optimising your customer 'near me' experience
White Pages Connect - SaaS Reputation Management in one place

No attributes or rich content selected

What does this mean?

Google My Business (GMB) has several additional fields that it relies on brands to submit in order to get a better understanding of the nature of each business and location.

Attributes or rich content are one of the most important of these additional fields, allowing brands to indicate specifics about their location, such as wheelchair accessible, family-friendly, vegetarian options, etc. If this problem exists, the company has not selected any attributes for at least some business locations.

Why is it a problem?

Some of your locations may have missing attributes. A quick fix of adding additional location attributes will be more effective in long-tail keyword searches. Additionally, it provides further information to the customer about your brand or business, which increases the chance of a conversion.

What is the solution?

The platform makes attribute selection easy and pushes that data to multiple directories. The platform also actively makes recommendations for additional information that may help search engines rank each location. This is a great tactic for longer-tail local searches.

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