Q2 FY2021 Enterprise Customer Performance Review

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Q2 Reporting (1 October - 31st December)

These are our large enterprise customers. They must have 70% profile completion rate across all their locations and most importantly claim and activated 40% or more of the Google My Business profiles/locations.

The customers we review also have over 10 locations (some of these customers have upwards of 200 – 300 locations).

The industry data is an average performance metric for the quarter, and we focus on;

  • Impressions (this is how many times the GMB profile has been shown either in Maps or in search and is influenced by consumer search behaviour)

  • Search queries (combined view of branded and unbranded search)

  • GMB profile engagement (this aligns to the click performance on the call to action buttons on the GMB profile: website, phone and map directions)

  • Engagement with Google profile images.

It is important to note that GMB performance needs to take in to account an integrated marketing strategy our individual customers may currently have during this period.

Other factors will influence the performance of the GMB profiles such as

  • Google Core Updates ( in December 2020 and 2019)
  • Customer website performance
    • relevancy
    • mobile optimised
    • Content engagement
  • Paid media across Google properties as well as social accounts.


  • Total number of customers included in Q2 reporting: 35

  • Reporting Period comparison YoY: 1 October – 31 December

The Results

Technology has revolutionised how customers find you. By bringing speed and reliability to your customer’s journey, ensuring the key location and business information is correct at the source.

Managed Locations
+ 0 %
Search Queries
+ 0 %
Engagement on CTA Buttons

Call to Action Buttons:

+ 0 %
Click to Call
+ 0 %
Click to Website
+ 0 %
Click to Directions
White Pages Connect - Enterprise reporting for local level

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*Results from quarterly business performance report Q2. Data pulled 10th January 2021 for the period. Performance results are not mutually exclusive and can also be attributed to an integrated digital strategy including organic, owned and paid advertising activity from our customers