Is your business ready for Voice Search?

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Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search is one of the most often talked about, but least understood, topics confronting businesses today. Did you know voice assistants have contributed to an increase in voice search with 20% of all Google mobile searches based on voice and using “natural language”.

Although voice search is becoming a more mainstream topic in the business community, it’s important that businesses become ‘voice search ready’ and ensure they are optimised for voice.

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When a user searches verbally for a business in their area, the accuracy of business information across certain key directories will determine whether they appear in search results. While sporadic attempts have been made in the past to provide comprehensive voice search ranking factors, to date, there have been no parameters or definitions that have been widely accepted.

There are a number of major directories that have an impact on voice search; but, the bulk of voice search readiness comes from these key directories and listings:

  • Google + Google Maps
  • Bing

The most important pieces of listing information businesses should optimise are:

  • Address
  • Opening hours
  • Phone number
  • Business name
  • Website
  • Postcode

Research has determined that a business average voice search readiness score is only 44%, this indicates that most businesses are not ready for voice search.

The team at Smart Insights has indicated only 4% of businesses are considered ‘voice search ready’, having the correct data on the major directories which are optimised for voice assistants. Of businesses considered voice ready only 3.82% of business locations had no critical errors.

Importantly to note that 76.5% of those ‘voice search ready’ businesses, (large and small) are using an external supplier to help optimise their listings for search.

Whilst this is a new field of search, we are always interested in finding out how your business is optimising content to support the voice search customers. 

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