Local Channel Ecosystem

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Localised search ecosystem

White Pages Connect is at the centre of the local business universe.

It acts as a source of truth controlling business information, store location, and franchisee details.

This single point of truth feeds into the primary channel group.

White Pages Connect - SaaS Reputation Management in one place

For multi-location brands, it is critical to have a single source of truth. One which is accurate, up to date and enables information to be syndicated to all endpoints accurately.

The primary ring is essential in order to capture the attention of today’s consumers. Google, whilst tiered at the same level as the initial ring, would take up over half of the chart if it was based on importance. Whilst GMB is important, it’s even more important to ensure the other channels are optimised for your consumer traffic.

Data aggregators maintain a level of accuracy to many directories and are referenced by POI data in traditional in-car navigation services.

Navigation services power a segment of consumer localised searches in-car navigation. Facebook and Bing operate as independent sources of traffic, ensuring other platforms in the ecosystem also benefit (e.g. Instagram and Cortana).

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