Introduction to managing your online location information

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Online location Marketing

As of January 2019, there were 21.74 million internet users in Australia; 93% of these users use the internet every day. With the internet being heavily accessed by consumers (your potential customers), it’s vital that your business is listed where your customers are searching for you.

In 2019, it was estimated that 90% of Australians have direct access to a smartphone (more than 3 times the rate of smartphone access in 2008). In 2017, mobile traffic accounted for 50.3% of all web traffic worldwide. As customers are using mobile to search for local businesses, brands, and locations, it is important that the information displayed is accurate on page one of the search results.

‘Near me’ searches are responsible for 500% growth since 2016. With these phrases containing “can I buy” or “to buy”, it’s important that on-page content is working with your local search presence. This ensures customers and prospects can find your business at the point in time they need it most. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is challenging and changes every time a new algorithm is launched, making it essential to implement a localised listing platform to manage and structure your location data online.

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The difference between a business Listing and a citation

A business listing is a formal listing on an online directory that includes business and NAP (name address and phone) details and links back to a business’ website.

A citation is a reference or instance of a business name, address and or location appearing anywhere on the web. This could be a location point of interest (POI) on a map, blog reference, PR article, news story, event etc. Citation building provides online credibility, informing search engines to trust your business. A citation can be structured or unstructured.

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What is structured vs unstructured...

Structured – These are often referred to as soft links with clear NAP structure.

Unstructured – Feature in blogs, articles, PR stories where your business is mentioned by name and other details. These business mentions may contribute to and assist with the performance of organic search traffic and ranking.

The most important thing for listings and citations is consistency and accuracy of information.

Citation building – Improved local SEO with Connect

Online business listings and directory entries boost local visibility on Google. Citations and business listings are best practice SEO for Google’s local results and Google Maps.


Controlling content and reducing risk

Google is still the most used search engine in Australia, holding a market share of 95% as of May 2019. GMB (Google My Business) listings are subject to 3rd party updates and edits by consumers, prospects, and competitors, which enables the information displayed to be altered without authorisation.

With a Google Local Guide status, Google users have the power to make unauthorised updates and changes to business information including maps, listings, and business details.

White Pages Connect - Securing your business data

Google – Online presence

A holistic local optimisation strategy improves the ranking for local website, map entries and profiles of online directories.
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Platforms for perfect presence

To attract customers searching online and bring business into physical stores or business locations, a consistent presence across all relevant digital platforms and devices is crucial.

An increase in mobile “near me” searches

Understanding the customer buying cycle is essential. As online searches turn into offline purchases, consumer searches for “near me” locations have increased by 100x since 2011.

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