Where does White Pages Connect publish to?

Ensure your business can be found wherever and whenever your customer is looking

White Pages Connect links your business details to the major publishing endpoints including:

  • Search Engines
  • Social sites
  • Navigation
  • Online business listings
  • Data aggregator platform
  • Voice Search Assistants

White Pages Connect provides a source of truth, ensuring your business information is correct and accessible to your customers.

Search Engines

Google White Pages Connect end point

Google is currently the most used search engine in the world. By optimising for Google search and managing your Google My Business (GMB) profile is essential in capturing the attention of modern-day customers.

As an online publisher, Google verifies information and data from multiple different sources including data aggregators, social platforms, business listing and citation sites.

Bing White Pages Connect end point

Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. Microsoft refers to it as a “Decision Engine” because it is designed to return search results in a way that organises answers to address your needs.

Channels have been identified as the new citations – Facebook and Bing operate as independent sources of traffic, ensuring other platforms in the ecosystem also benefit (e.g. Instagram and Cortana).

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Social Profiles

Popular global social networking site and key social media cornerstone, Facebook for business (which includes Instagram, Whatsapp) allows its users to connect online with friends, colleagues or strangers to share pictures, music, videos and articles.

Instagram White Pages Connect end point

Instagram is one of the most popular, modern, online social media platforms where users can upload and share images and short videos. Businesses can set up business location pages which include a link to maps and directions. As consumers tag businesses in posts it is important to maximise your customer reach by ensuring your business is profiled correctly.

Foursquare White Pages Connect end point

Foursquare for business is a local search mobile app. It provides personalised recommendations of places to go near a user’s current location. The recommendations are based on search, browsing and check-in history.

*Foursquare is not included as part of a service area business

Navigation Systems

Google Maps White Pages Connect end point

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360-degree panoramic street views, real time traffic conditions and route planning for most transformation types.


HERE is an on-the-go navigation service that is revolutionising the idea of the ‘map’ by creating living three-dimensional maps that grow upwards, breathing with layers of information and insights. It’s important to be optimised for in-car navigation so that customers can find you on the go.

Where To White Pages Connect end point

WhereTo location service organises your local options on the built-in map or in a list sorted by distance. Listings include reviews, opening hours, images and contact information. WhereTo is an advanced navigation system which provides additional information on-the-go.

Navmii White Pages Connect end point

Navmii is a navigation service and location company which develops digital map Data in standard and HD using a combination of open-data, crowd-sourced data collection and AI computer vision techniques.

Uber White Pages Connect end point

Uber is a transportation app which offers services including ridesharing, food delivery and it’s primary ride-hailing service.

Uber have developed their own navigation service for their drivers and is currently one of the most popular travel/transportation apps available.

Waze White Pages Connect end point

Waze is a GPS navigation service owned by Google which functions across smartphones and tablet computers that support GPS.

Waze provides directions, user-submitted travel times and route details including speed camera locations etc.


Apple Maps provides users with spoken directions, has interactive 3D views.

Apple Maps is only available to customers with 50 or more locations.

Online Business Directories

Acompio White Pages Connect end point

Acompio are a leading online business directory portal and search tool organised by geographic region to make it easier to target certain countries.

Acompio is also a review platform where customers and clients can rate and review services offered by thousands of businesses on the platform.

*Acompio is not included as part of a service area business.

Brownbook White Pages Connect end point

Brownbook is a search tool that displays listing information for over 30 million businesses across over 200 countries worldwide. It’s a wiki-based platform that anyone can edit and it’s information listings feed into search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Cylex White Pages Connect end point

Cylex is a group of international companies with business activities in more than 30 companies. It’s main products are local search engines, a website builder and a job portal. The business’ main aim is to connect companies with customers.

Hotfrog White Pages Connect end point

Hotfrog is a business directory and search tool designed for ease of use and search-ability. Users get to search for what they want and where they want it, quickly and efficiently.

*Hotfrog is not included as part of a service area business.

I Global White Pages Connect end point

iGlobal is an online directory and search tool where consumers can find information on shops, businesses and professionals in their cities.

iGlobal has a presence in 60 countries and is available in 18 different countries.

Infobel White Pages Connect end point

Infobel is an online international telephone directory and a search tool which allows users to search telephone directories for businesses and people in countries across many continents.

*Infobel is not included as part of a service area business.

Info is info White Pages Connect end point

An online search facility of companies and professionals, present in 32 countries.

Infoisinfo aims to promote businesses online and provide visibility for their different products and services in a clear way. It’s a search platform for customers to find the correct business for them, nearby.

*Infoisinfo is not included as part of a service area business.

Opendi White Pages Connect end point

Opendi is an international business directory and search tool with thousands of local business listings, location information and reviews. They power critical information from over 20 million businesses worldwide.

*Opendi is not included as part of a service area business.

Manta White Pages Connect end point

Manta is a website on which visitors look to research, connect or buy from companies that are part of the Manta community. Manta is aimed at increasing the visibility of small companies and acts as a search engine to seek out the business you need.

Show Me Local White Pages Connect end point

ShowMeLocal is a local business site which allows small business owners to quickly and easily get their business information onto the internet and into the major search engines.

Tupalo White Pages Connect end point

Tupalo is an interactive internet service providing tools for users to find, review and share local entertainment, business and shopping resources in locations around the world which are of interest to the user. It’s a popular search tool to connect the user with a company that adheres to their current needs.

White Pages is a simple, powerful, streamlined tool that gives you a single point of control to keep all your businesses up-to-date. It is also an online search tool providing business listings and information.

Yalwa White Pages Connect end point

Yalwa is a worldwide business directory and search tool in which companies can list their business and advertise within their local neighbourhood.

*Yalwa is not included as part of a service area business.

Data Aggregators

Foursquare White Pages Connect end point

Foursquare acquired Factual in October 2020; the platform currently is both a Social networking site and a data aggregator of business location information powering other platform endpoints.

*Foursquare is not included as part of a service area business.

Voice Search / Voice Assistants

Google Assistant works with Google hardware, across phones, speakers, smart displays, TVs and wearables. Google Assistant work with the search and other Google properties providing a seamless cross-device experience.


Siri, the virtual assistant from Apple. Integrates with both Apple hardware, software and apps and maps. 

*Siri is available to customers as part of Apple’s 50+ physical location agreement


Cortana, the virtual assistant from Microsoft. Integrates with both Mircosoft operating systems as well as providing the search engine capability for Amazon Alexa devices.

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