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Doesn’t matter how your customers search we have you covered. Australians have relied on White Pages for over 140 years in order to search & connect with their local or national business & government organisations.

As a White Pages Connect customer, you will also have additional access to the White Pages network offering. This includes the Print Directory, Voice Directory Services, White Pages Online, & White Pages Mobile.

The way your customers search for information is constantly changing. Today, they expect to find what they want anytime, anywhere and across many different devices. Be found more easily by more customers,

White Pages Online (both Desktop & Mobile) is comprehensive and can be localised for each individual location.

• Business Name
• Business Description
• Address
• Opening Hours
• Email / Phone / Website

Rich content can include images, social media links, and description content – about us, what we do, useful content downloads, keywords and services and latest social posts.

Content from the White Pages Connect product updates into the online directory.

A White Pages Online solution can include a strong branding banner & logos.

Compliment ongoing campaigns to improve your reach and touch whilst having a posting impact on SEO through richer content.

The White Pages Printed Directories are delivered Australia wide to businesses & residents.

Our main consumer of the printed directory focuses on the older demographic and regionally.

Within the printed directory we can accommodate many different forms of advertising to include full page, half page, single line, and colour to meet different budgets.

Print advertising is an accessible contact point for people that are not as digitally-savvy and prefer to find you through traditional methods.

Enterprises with a White Pages presence will be featured as part of the directory assistance listing on the following premium numbers via landline or mobile:

  • 1234 – Sensis Premium Service – search engine – directory assistance
  • 1223 – Telstra free directory (with Telstra landline)
  • 12456 – directory assistance also offers to SMS function.

All of these directories provide consumers and the general public with access to services directly, or a number sent via SMS.

The White Pages directory also feeds into non-Telstra Directory Assistance Services.

It is important to note that all major directory services use data hosted by White Pages in order to list businesses or services if it’s not on White Pages it’s not in a directory.

Our usage stats!

0 Mill
Australians actively receive and use the print directory
10000 Mill
Mobile & Web Users access White Pages online​
0 Mill
users of directory assistant services​

Our demographic stats!

0 %
Aged 18-34yrs
0 %
Aged 35 - 49yrs
0 %
Aged 50-64yrs
0 %
Aged +64yrs

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Roy Morgan Single Source Data Survey Period: Oct 18 – Sep 19. Total respondents that used the White Pages in the past 12 months. Based on 50k respondents. White Pages network includes print directory, White Pages online and mobile and Sensis/Telstra directory services