White Pages Connect Guide:

Setting up Google My Business Access


Before you begin, please log out of all Gmail accounts.

We require Manager access to link your Google My Business (GMB) locations to White Pages Connect.

NOTE: Manager access allows us to manage your GMB locations; you will remain the Owner.

White Pages Connect - Local and 'Near Me' take control of your enterprise information

Please follow the steps 1 - 8 to allow "manage access"

Step 1

Sign in to your Gmail / Google business account:


Step 2

Select 9-dot Grid Menu (top right).


Select ‘My Business’ (blue shop) from the menu

You’ll need to be in the ‘Businesses’ section on the left side of the screen to share access.

NOTE: If you already have a group, skip to Step 3, you won’t be able to share access without creating a group.

If you haven’t created a group, your account will look similar to the below.

To share access to your business/businesses click the ‘Create group’ button at the top.

Name the new group something related to your business name, so it is easily identified.

Once you’ve created a group, you’ll need to transfer your ‘Ungrouped’ businesses into the new group.

Select ‘Ungrouped’ from the drop-down and tick the businesses you would like to transfer.

Once ticked, click the ‘Actions’ drop-down at the top right and select ‘Transfer businesses’,

Select the appropriate group from the drop-down and click ‘Transfer’, when complete, continue to Step 3.

NOTE: Businesses may take a few moments to transfer.

Step 3

On the ‘Businesses’ screen select the appropriate group from the drop-down.

Step 4

Click the ‘Group settings’ button next to the group you wish to share.

Step 5

Under ‘Group details’ click on Manage users.

Step 6

In the top corner of the Manage users window, click ‘Add users’.

Step 7

Please copy and paste our Sensis organisation ID: 5372421633

NOTE: You may need to wait a second or two then click on the ‘Sensis’ box

Step 8

Below the ‘Sensis’ user click ‘Choose a role’ and select ‘Manager’ from the drop-down.

Step 9

Click ‘Invite’. (We will then accept the invitation in our account and can manage your listings)

Please notify us via email once this and/or your Facebook steps have been completed.

Congratulations! GMB is connected!